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For sheet metal stamping, which is forming the main parts of the waste containers, Golden Car  has at its disposal hydraulic and mechanical presses able to quickly produce lots of production necessary to feed the next steps.

Golden Car operates with robotic spot welding systems  or wire welding useful to assembly the waste containers for the collection of urban solid waste (USW).

At this stage the production capacity is around 65 raw containers/day in two shifts of 8 hours. There is the possibility to create a third shift and expand the internal  production up to 95 raw containers/day.

The following step is the paint  of the waste containers. Currently, in case of powder coating, Golden Car has a fleet suppliers capable of providing 50 containers/day with prior notice of 25 days from receipt of the order.

At the end of the coating stage, remain the final assembly and transport. Of course, all stages of production must be completed sequentially and they need to be validated by internal quality system ISO 9001 and ISO 9001:2015.

Maximum monthly production capacity due to  a large order is 950 containers. It not include the materials’s supplying and production start operations.