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Its self-supporting steel metal structure consists of five cold-stamped parts.

- One fund drawn in single step with steel sheet as UNI specifications and depth of 10 cm, watertight
- Two reinforcing bars spot welded on the bottom fund, each one with two anti-friction roller supports (robotic spot welding system as automotive type).
- Two side and two end walls, stamped and assembled
- Stiffening ring formed by four joined bars, each one assembled on one wall
- Two central reinforcements (one for each short wall) with its DIN reinforcing pillar

The cover is “bilateral and symmetrical” tilting type and consists of:
- Branches with external steel coating with lateral wings, frames with rotation bar made  of tubular iron beams and  the other crossbars in stamped steel sheet. Each semi-cover is equipped with special vents for introduction of waste, which can have different shape and size depending on the waste material being inserted. It was recently installed a metal canopy on the square vents, able to provide higher strength and endurance.
- Self-supporting structure made of a central iron beam with cover’s anchor plates and two additional beams made with the same material which hinged on the rotation pins
- Electro-galvanized pins for anchoring and rotation of the branches
- Each semi-cover rests directly on the main tank of the container, avoiding any intrusion of objects or attempts to open

The covers are usually provided in galvanized steel material instead of aluminum because it must not be opened by the users so therefore the demands of lightness is not necessary. It also ensures greater strength and durability. Furthermore, it is not subject on theft.


- Accident prevention stickers (4 zebra stickers, 2 black or white adhesive strips for discharge maneuvers and 2 stickers for “ no parking and forced removal”

- Possibility of installation of sequential numbering by metal plates

- Exterior powder paint
- Hot dip galvanizing