La struttura portante, con elementi in lamiera è costituita da cinque parti ricavate per stampaggio a freddo:

- One fund drawn in single step with steel sheet as UNI specifications and depth of 10 cm, watertight
- Two reinforcing bars spot welded on the bottom fund, each one with two anti-friction roller supports (robotic spot welding system as automotive type).
- Two side and two end walls, stamped and assembled
- Stiffening ring  formed by four joined bars, each one assembled on one wall
- Two central reinforcements (one for each short wall) with its DIN reinforcing pillar

COVER (USW) LT 1800 - 2400 - 3200
The cover is “bilateral and symmetrical” tilting type and consists of:
- Branches with external  steel coating with lateral wings, frames with rotation bar made  of tubular iron beams and  the other crossbars in stamped steel sheet.
- PVC handle riveted on every covers
- Profiled rubber for accident prevention
- Springs for easy opening  and reducing weight
- Bearing structure made of a central iron beam with cover’s anchor plates and two additional beams made with the same material which hinged on the rotation pins
- Electro-galvanized pins for anchoring and rotation of the branches

The cover’s  opening device consists of a hot-galvanized metal tubing, bent at both ends with two welded brackets that allow the hinge on the container.


- Accident prevention stickers (4 zebra stickers, 2 black or white adhesive strips for discharge maneuvers and 2 stickers for  “ no parking and forced removal”

- Possibility of installation of sequential numbering by metal plates

- Exterior powder paint
- Hot dip galvanizing